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by Ron on July 30, 2020
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RF Community (RFC) is a revolutionary new RF Online experience, proudly presented by RF-Dev.

We are tying the game and community together like never before. Every part of what we are doing is being created in ways to benefit the community. We found no name more appropriate than RFC.

We're excited to tell you more, so let's jump right in!

Game Timeline

Our team has already worked on the project for over two years, and we are finally ready to reveal it. We will have various game testing phases where you will be participating and play-testing the game.

Join Discord!

Open Registration

Open registration is imminent and will be the first system we will launch to the community. Your account is permanent and will be used for various features throughout the community. Choose your public username wisely, as it's yours to keep forever! :)

Registration requires a valid email address, as verification will be required to log in. Your email address and password will be used to access not only our website but all aspects of RF Community, including the game.

It will not be possible to login to your account using your public username, so it will be safe to expose your username. You will actually be encouraged to do so! Public usernames will be able to be changed in the future as long as someone else hasn't taken your new name.

Join Discord!

If you haven't already, join us on Discord for a direct line of communication with our team. We are using Discord as our primary communication platform until registration opens and our website evolves.

We will also stream various phases of testing and development from time to time. Join and show your support!

Open Alpha (Stress Test)

The first test phase will be Open Alpha. This is also referred to as our Stress Test. Our goal is to get as many players in-game as possible to push the limits of our game. This will give us the necessary performance benchmarks and other data we require to proceed with development in a positive direction.

More details on the test schedule will be announced as the community begins to grow, so spread the word!

Closed Alpha

We will have multiple Closed Alpha phases. Players will be invited in limited numbers to help play-test the game.

Players will be allowed in by invitation. Invitations will be sent out in the forms of game keys. Game keys may be redeemed in your profile and will enable game access in your account. Game keys will be sent out to the community in limited numbers through the forms of various events. We will also have an application process to apply for a more dedicated game testing position, which will provide you with access to a privileged game key.

While we will be limiting players during Closed Alpha, players able to get in will be allowed to freely discuss the game. If you haven't gotten a chance to play, you will have no shortage of content to follow.

Feedback collected during Closed Alpha from all sides of the community will be used to shape the development of our game. Our website will have various awesome features to help make this a very transparent collaboration process. We're thrilled to give the community a chance to shape development, and we can't wait to tell you more about exactly how we're pulling this off.

Dev Logs

This is where things get interesting. We will begin publishing Dev Logs within the coming days.

Dev Logs will be periodic articles that highlight various aspects of our game. Features that make our game revolutionary will be slowly revealed through our logs. We will release various logs leading up to the Open Alpha Stress Test to introduce players to what is going on.

We'll leave it there for now, as our upcoming logs will speak for themselves.

Dev Log Preview


We covered a lot, but we have a lot more on the way. We hope you are as excited as us! Stay tuned, because RF is finally evolving.

~ RF Community Team