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August 01, 2020
Dev Log 1


Dev Logs have arrived!

In our first log, we are discussing more of the background of our project, our community-centric vision, and how the community will play a critical role. We will then explore some of the work we have already completed to give you a small taste of what's to come.


RF Community is a recreation of RF Online. Not just another server, but a full re-development of the game.

We are taking the game we all know and love, and we are turning it into what everyone knows it always could have been.

If while playing RF Online, you have ever thought: "why is this here", or: "why didn't they do this better..." Well, we have some good news for you. It's time to address all of that and more.

Community Focus

Our goal is to modernize RF with a strong focus on the community. Everything we do from this point on will involve the community every step of the way. This is very important to us as over the years RF Online has lost its community feel. The game has become stagnant and filled with an abusive pay-to-win mentality. We want to change how people perceive RF Online by bringing the focus back to what made the game so great in the first place: the community, not the cash shop.

Community feedback plays a critical role. After all, what is the point of re-creating a game the community isn't going to play? We have limitless ideas of our own, but this isn't for us. This is for you, so we want you to be involved in the recreation.

Feature Requests

We are releasing our first major website feature soon to help reinforce community involvement. Feature Requests will allow you to submit requests for features you feel we should implement in the game.

Other players will be able to see and comment on your feature request. Players will be able to "up-vote" features they want to see happen. Over time, this will give us as well as the community a combined vision on the game's direction. We will provide notes directly on feature requests as they become popular and we make decisions on implementation. Features will have various statuses as we determine the best ways to manage them.

We know players will have limitless ideas and we are excited to give you an official medium for expressing those ideas. We're open to comments about this system, so if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ping us on Discord.

Now that we have all the text out of the way, let's move on to what you have been waiting for.

Game Features

The best way to show you our vision is to show you some of the work so far. We've selected a few features we feel highlight where we want to take the game.

Multisample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA)

Anti-Aliasing is a rendering technique used to reduce the visibility of jagged edges in-game. The reduction of jagged edges improves visual quality and provides a crisper appearance of characters and models. The best part? MSAA is very light-weight. While you can turn this on and off in your game settings, MSAA can be applied with little to no performance loss.

Multisample Anti-Aliasing Feature Preview


Field of View

We didn't want to restrict players to a specific field of view. Our solution was to allow customization of FOV. The default setting will be similar to other versions of the game, and you will have a slider for adjusting it lower and higher depending on preference.

Field of View Feature Preview


View Distance

One of our biggest complaints of RF is the extremely short view range. Run into a town of a decent-sized population, and you only see a short distance around your player.

The key aspect of immersion is making you feel as if you are actually in the game. The most effective way to do this in RF is to allow the player to see further into the distance. So, we did exactly that. This applies not only for players but also for monsters and other game objects out in the field.

View Distance Preview 1

View Distance Preview 2


10 Player Party

Our current development phase demands focus on core game development and optimization. We are moving into more interesting feature development as we finish our foundation. That being said, we have certainly already explored various feature ideas, and one of those ideas is the expansion of the party system.

We have expanded the party member limit from 8 to 10. This allows a party to be a little more robust as far as coordination in both PvE and PvP environments. Stretching the party limit also allows more seamless inclusion of situations that require two tanks.

Modernizing how players interact with parties is a big factor in regards to re-creating how players experience the game. Expect more interesting evolution to the party systems as development progresses.

10 Player Party Preview


Meet the Team

Now that we have introduced you to our vision and some of what we have created, it's time to introduce you to the team which makes this all possible.



General game development and optimization. Knowledgeable in more areas than I can list here, including quantum computing. Prefers creating solutions with unique challenges.



Developer, Art Team
Engineers new solutions and guides reverse engineering of many of the game formats. Knowledgeable in many areas and leads our debug sessions when an obstacle slows us down. Also responsible for most of the art you have seen so far.



Art Team
Adjustment and creation of assets and media of which you have not seen much of... yet! Also has an impressive collection of flems!



Bug verification, general game development, goal planning, and home-made pizza. Also is responsible for starting the original project which has now evolved into RF Community.



Community Manager
Engaging with the community, building exposure, and helping us wrap our heads around the mountains of feedback. Always welcome to lend an ear to both large and small voices.



Project Manager, Developer
Team coordination, systems administration, and a mix of game and web development. I also write our web content while Alyx proofreads and improves my mistakes.

Stay tuned for our next log, which will cover the upcoming Feature Requests system, as well as highlight some of the more community-centric aspects upcoming for the website.