Final Announcement

History of RF Community

RF Community originally started codenamed RF Alpha, put together by Scott and Agony. The name stems from our project being based on the original RF Online source code. The source was dated 2004 during initial alpha testing of the game when only five maps existed; Bellato HQ, Cora HQ, Accretia HQ, Crag Mine, and the original Dungeon map.

They had one primary goal: get the RF Online source code to a functional state. However, versions of the source most widely known are missing critical pieces to build a functional project. The source code you can easily find today is missing these important pieces.

Scott and Agony pieced together different content from various sources, most of which are now shut down or otherwise no longer accessible. Multiple versions existed, and we spent countless hours comparing and understanding them. As the source became more functional, I (Ron) was contacted and trusted enough to be brought into the group. We made decent progress, which later led to a decision to reopen RF-Dev.

RF-Dev was reopened to help revive the then dead RF Online development community, but one of the bigger incentives for us was to build an audience for what we thought Alpha could eventually turn into. We brought Crowik into our team to work on art related to Alpha. We also worked with a few other members of the community who opted not to be named. RF-Dev quickly regrew, but we unfortunately hit various road blocks with Alpha which led us to dropping the project. RF-Dev even went to the edge of being closed again. Scott encouraged me to just keep it online anyway, which after some real convincing I finally agreed to just leave it up.

At one stage we considered open sourcing our work. We intended to create a public repository to encourage code contributions. I got the go-ahead, but I became busy with other events in my own life, and we clearly never made it to open source.

Around two years after this stage, Alyx found his way into our team after pushing some art workflow that we hit roadblocks on exploring ourselves. What first was a discussion to create our own 2232 zone module later turned into inviting Alyx into our core team and restarting work on Alpha. We quickly progressed to the point of being ready to showcase our work, thus RF Community was born. Natumia was brought in to help us keep tabs on community growth and feedback. You know the rest from there.

Netmarble Announcement

As you may have heard, intellectual property rights for RF Online have been sold. If you missed the news, you can find the original source here. CCR sold RF Online IP to Netmarble, a mobile game development company. Netmarble has announced they will be creating a mobile version of RF Online, bringing RF back into active development.

RF returning to active development by the intellectual property owner is great news for the game. RF on a mobile platform can be interpreted in different ways, but at the end of the day, our favorite game is now back in active development by the new official owners of the game.

How This Affects Us Now

We previously worked under the assumption CCR was defunct and completely abandoned the thought of RF Online. This is of course not completely true anymore, as RF has been acquired by a development studio who is very alive and well.

While this is great news for fans of RF Online, this news is pretty detrimental to the vision of our project. At the end of the day, we are working with intellectual property which is not ours. We do not and never will own IP rights to RF, nor is it likely we would ever get permission to use official RF assets and source code to build a revised game. Even if we did, we would likely be constrained to specific contract terms with expectations set other than our own. That isn’t really an ideal situation when we are wanting to push our own ideas in our own ways.

RF Community was built out of love for the game. We never took donations or provided any incentive to send us money. We didn’t see it fair to make money on a game that wasn’t ours. With RF now back in active development, we find ourselves in a potentially bad legal situation.

Closure Announcement

With all that being said, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue our project. Even though we have already invested literal years into this project, we can’t see ourselves realistically investing more time into a project that could put us into a bad legal position, or a project that could be taken away from us at the drop of a hat.

Even if we were to continue, Netmarble could very easily and legally shut us down. All the time spent would be for nothing, and we could be facing legal penalties on top. I just can’t in a reasonable mindset put myself or our team into this challenging position.

This isn’t how we wanted things to go at all, but we feel this is the best decision considering the circumstances. The good news is the RF Online community is still getting a new game, and it will be built by a company which has the full legal rights and monetary assets to do so.

What’s Next?

Thanks to Alpha, we were able to build an incredibly talented team. Everyone on our team brings unique strengths to the table, and all of our skill sets compliment each other in ways that I can’t easily describe. Not only are we able to come together to work effectively, but all the right vibes are there on top. We not only do this for the game, but we do this because we enjoy working together and pushing each other beyond our limits.

We have decided to “go official” and embark on the path of our own game development studio. This has been our background goal for some time, but the unique position of Alpha and RF Community kept us in the RF Online side of things. Now that this is over, we are reforming into our own development company and building up our own intellectual property. This frees us from any potential legal issues and allows us the flexibility we need to create proper and unique games.

We wish things didn’t have to go this way, but we are in agreement this is the best decision for our team moving forward. RF-Dev will remain online, but it will no longer be an area we focus on. The community will be allowed to communicate and grow as long as it does not turn into a legal issue for us. The RF Community Discord will remain available for the foreseeable future, where we will keep the community updated on our future endeavors. Click here to join Discord if you want to keep in touch with us. This announcement will remain as the sole page on our website for the rest of the site’s life.

We all truly thank you for following and showing your support up to this point. We are forever grateful, and we’re sorry we got your hopes up.

We wish Netmarble good luck with their acquisition of RF Online. We are not huge fans of MMORPG’s on mobile, but we are excited to see what they do with our favorite game. Until then, we’ll be working on making history of our own, and we hope some of you will stay interested enough to follow what we have in the works.

Farewell, RF Community.